Walker Mower’s Grass Handling System

Posted on May 19, 2011

Yard work and gardening is one of the most rewarding experiences for all of us green-thumbs, landscapers and gardeners. It’s not all fun and games however. As we all know grass must be trimmed and groomed, leaves and branches cleaned and removed and so on. The organic refuse can build up quickly, but not if you have a Walker Mower equipped with Walker Mower’s Grass Handling System.If there’s one aspect of landscaping that isn’t enjoyable it’s definitely the clean-up. Raking and collecting all those clippings, cramming the piles into bags and dragging them to the curb is rarely the parts of green-thumbing that people look forward to. Walker takes the fuss out of clean up while leaving the best parts of gardening intact. With a Walker Mower Grass Handling Systemyou cut it and bag it in one pass.

How Walker Mowers Grass Handling System Works

Walker built their mowers with waste collection in mind right from the start. They have developed a system that uses vacuum action in tandem with a high capacity container taking all the hard work out of clean up. The machines comes affixed with a clog resistance unit allowing for steady consistent flow of debris.

The rear discharge deck is outfitted with twin counter-rotating blades that discharges grass clippings and yard waste into a specially designed, internally mounted paddle wheel blower that packs those clippings and debris into a low-profile grass catcher.

The Advantages of Walker’s Grass Handling System

The advantages of the Walker GHS are obvious and listed below for your reading convenience.

  • Collects all grass clippings and yard waste as it cuts reducing clean up time and effort
  • 90 degree tilt-up action allows for easy clean up
  • GHS decks are interchangeable from mower to mower
  • Adjustable cutting heights on decks
  • GHS deck floats over the ground following the contours of the grade
  • Partially mulches materials, preparing it for composting

Technical Specifications for Walker’s GHS

The Walker Grass handling System comes in three sizes that fit all Walker Zero Turn Mowers models. 92cm, 107cm, 122cm sizes allow for more detailed control of your spaces. The 92cm unit is more useful in tight spaces and residential lawns while the 122cm unit is better equipped to handle open spaces and commercial jobs.

All three models come with Foamed Rubber Tyre’s and a heavy duty gear box to control the GHS deck with ease. The 107cm and 122cm models both come with an additional Deck Central Height Adjuster Kit allowing complete control of cutting heights and settings to customize your blades.

With all of the obvious benefits and time savers it’s easy to see how a Walker GHS can push your landscape business or lawn to the professional level of quality they deserve.

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