Overseeding – How to Overseed a Lawn

Posted on Mar 11, 2011

What is overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of sowing grass seed into an existing lawn.

Why would you overseed your lawn?

Over time, some of your original grass may get old and tired, resulting in bare patches on your lawn that look unattractive and can also promote the growth of weeds. New grass seed will fill in those areas and bring back your lawn’s beauty. Another reason to overseed is that newer grass seed mixes produce grass that is more resistance to disease.

When is the right time for overseeding?

The early spring and the early fall (i.e., early September) are the best times to overseed.

How to overseed a lawn

  1. Mow as low to the ground as you can so the new grass seed will be in direct contact with the soil
  2. Power rake the lawn to remove any dead grass and prepare the soil
  3. Fill in any holes in your lawn with top soil
  4. Spread your grass seed
  5. Power rake again to work the seed into the soil – you can also do this by simply walking over the entire lawn
  6. Keep the grass seed moist by lightly watering every day for 1-2 weeks or until the seeds start germinating
  7. Start mowing your lawn again as usual once the new grass has grown to regular mowing height

What overseeder tools will make it easier?

Billy Goat’s new Self-Propelled Overseeder (OS900SPS) is hydrostatically self-propelled to reduce fatigue associated with pushing. The unit also features Billy Goat’s exclusive “Autodrop System” which conserves seed and saves you money.
Or choose Billy Goat’s OS Overseeder, which easily converts to a power rake, making this an extremely versatile machine and an excellent investment.

Find a Billy Goat Overseeder dealer now!

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